Opolskie celebrates its Regional Dissemination Seminar
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Opolskie celebrates its Regional Dissemination Seminar
Last 25th October, it took place The Regional Diseeminarion Seminar in Opolskie, which was organised under the question-slogan “Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

The event was divided into 2 parts: practical and theoretical one.

First part consisted on the workshop for pupils from different schools who were invited to make several manual and intellectual exercises aimed at testing their creativity, team working and other entrepreneurial skills. The workshop was an opportunity to show how easy practices in the school class can stimulate personal student’ development.

In the afternoon, during the seminar session, teachers and administration staff responsible for the education development in the region could discover the situation of the entrepreneurship education in Poland as well as to get familiar with the results of the mapping process of the “YES” project implemented in the region this year. In the next steps experts presented possibilities to get the funds for entrepreneurship education as well as current projects leaded at schools.

The clue-point of the seminar was a presentation of a young entrepreneur who shared its own experience in business setting up and presented the entrepreneurship education issue form the practical point of view.

The final conclusion was that the entrepreneurship can be thought, but under condition that this education consists mainly on providing
new experiences, new challenges, new situations.

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