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YES Final Conference
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YES Final Conference
YES Project has concluded after three years of work.

The closing of the YES Project took place in the framework of a conference held in the Committee of the Regions (CoR), which was attended by more than 50 key stakeholders and policy makers from different regions of Europe. Several well-known speakers gave us their points of view and conclusions about different aspects regarding Entrepreneurship Education, as Mr. Benoit Dalbert, Mr. Simone Baldassarri, Ms. Elin McCallum, Ms. Ania Bourgeois and Mrs. Silke Tonshoff.

During the second half of the conference, YES partners presented the final results and conclusions, as well as recommendations for Entrepreneurship Education in Europe and the netwok that will continue promoting this issue among Europe.

The project also presented its final output, the Regional Action Plan (RAP),a compilation of the study in the regions participants, showing the current situation, regional SWOT analysis, priority areas, goals, actions, and how the RAP will be implemented in each region.

The RAPs compilation document, as well as the inter-regional SWOT analysis and rest of YES outputs and publications, can be found at: www.young-entrepreneurs.eu.

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