Dissemination Seminar: Our inspirations
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Dissemination Seminar: Our inspirations
On October 19th in Opolskie Region there was organised a dissemination seminar titled “Entrepreneurship Education – our inspirations” . The seminar was focused on presentation of good practices indentified within the YES project in Estonia, Sweden, Ireland and Finland as well as on activities linked to the entrepreneurship education, initiated by local governments or non governmental organisations in Poland. According to the seminar objectives, presented educational programs and projects can be widely used as a source of inspiration and transferred as good practices to the region of Opolskie. Moreover, during the event, participants had opportunity to get familiar with European programs dedicated to educational development and youth mobility presented by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System. At the end of the seminar there was an expert panel discussion which brought together students, teachers, NGO and public institution representatives to find the answer regarding the most important success factors and bottlenecks of the Polish education in the context of development of the entrepreneurial attitudes.

The main conclusion of this meeting was that developing an entrepreneurial way of thinking necessitates mainly that teachers adopt entrepreneurial competencies and become entrepreneurial teachers.

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