Improve follow-up


There is a lack of structured and organized follow up. By working continuously with follow-up, you learn to focus your efforts on right issues and the work of EE can be developed. Follow-up allows a life-long learning process and ensures that the correct actions are implemented and visualize the result of actions that already have been carried out.


Create incentive systems


Incentives are needed to make it more interesting and rewarding to work with EE. Rewarding of teachers who work with EE clarifies that the area has high priority and creating an interest to get more teachers involved.

Develop existing forums


By developing long-term structures and forums for collaboration between schools and business life the gap between school and community are reduced. The students get a better insight into the working life and the industry gain a better understanding of today's youth. Exchange between teachers and the business life are necessary for the today's school so it can train students for tomorrow's future.


Use students interest


8 of 10 young people say that they are interested in starting their own company and 5 of 10 say that they prefer to start a company comparing to be employed. Whit this large interest itís important that the school provide knowledge in how to start and run a company and take care of the large interest. 


Increasing competence


Through information, inspiration and education to all school personnel the general knowledge about entrepreneurship education will increase. Increased knowledge provides more teachers concerned about this issue.

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