In May 2009 the Swedish government adopted a national strategy for EE. In 2010 the region of Östergötland developed a regional strategy based on the national and all the municipalities in Östergötland developed their local action plan to match the regional strategy. The government also gave the assignment to the Swedish school board to include EE in the curriculum. In the new curriculum for primary, secondary and upper secondary school EE is emphasized




The general attitude towards entrepreneurship in school is positive and it is considered that the implementation shall start at an early age.

Company visits


Many students visit companies during their education. Among the students 16-20 years 63% of them have visited a company once and 41% twice or more. Company visits were more frequent among students that participated in the Junior Achievement program (the student company program).


External players


Junior Achievement started their Swedish organization in this region and has been active for 32 years. Since the tradition of working with EE in upper secondary school is strong in the region, FramtidsFrön started 10 years ago to work with EE in primary and secondary school. The organizations are well-known in the region and are also supported financially by the regional development agency and the municipalities.


Students interest


Our questionnaire for students shows that 8 out of 10 students (age 16-20) are interested in starting their own business. This interest is big both among students attending the Junior Achievement program and students not attending the program.

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