Lack of guidance


Teachers feel that they lack guidance and control on how to work with EE in the classroom. The strategies and local action plans fail to reach the classroom.

Lack of follow-up


Few municipalities say that they follow up the work with EE. It is rare that there is a structured and organized follow up work done. That makes it difficult to measure if there is a development in the area.

Lack of qualified staff

EE is not included in the teachers training and because of that thereís a lack of qualified staff within the school system. There are external organizations that train teachers in EE but itís not done in an obvious and structured way that reaches all teachers.


Lack of structures


Today there are many forums and meeting places for meetings in business life. There are however few that invite school to participate in these meetings. Collaboration between school and business life exist in many different ways, but few are regular and structured to increase the students awareness every year of different businesses, trades, occupations and so on.


Lack of incentives


Today there is no self-evident way of rewarding/ encouraging teachers who work with EE. There are some competitions that reward teachers but there is a lack of structured ways of encouraging teachers in their daily work with EE, such as higher salary, attention and support in different ways. Incentives are needed to make it more interesting and rewarding to work with EE.

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